Air Pressure Testing Case Study in Lanarkshire

Case study in Lanarkshire.

Pre lining testing of a passive house being constructed in Biggar, South Lanarkshire. On this particular project we were contracted to carry out testing at Pre lining stage and testing prior to hand over to the client by the main contractor.

As you can see by the photos there was a lot of care taken by the main contractor with regard to air tightness membranes and taping to ensure that the best result were achieved first time.

The pre line test came in at 0.88m3/hm2 which was a great result as this build had been designed at 0.7m3/hm2. On completition we carried out our final test which produced a result of 0.63m3/hm2.

We find the two tests are very useful for our clients as it gives them an isight as to how their build is preforming before taking it to the final stage with all fixtures and fittings.